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SCHUNK Depanelling Technology




SAR-1000-CL with manual loading and unloading, equipped with milling bit or sawing disc head

The depanelling system SAR-1000-CL, a low-cost solution for stress-free depanelling, is characterized by its positioning accuracy and efficiency. It has been specially designed for manufacturers with smaller batch sizes and high product variance and is ideal for a "one-piece-flow"-production.

Special features of the SAR-1000-CL

  • Low invest
  • Fast and precise linear motor axes in all directions of motion
  • Nearly stress-free detachment process with milling bit or sawing disc
  • Holding down of the printed circuit boards during the milling process with a flexible milling brush holder
  • Tool kit with automatic tool exchange, broken tool control and automatic and continuous bit control for different levels
  • State-of-the-art IPC technology means simple operation and maximum ease of use
  • Manually operated single oder twin drawer system available optionally
  • Flexible magnet workpieceholder "Magnoplate" for the SAR-1000-CL with door or single drawer
  • NC programmes created offline with CAD/CAM system
  • Ionisation

The flexible milling brush holder presses the PCB against
the worktable supports during milling action Therefore
further holding-down devices can often be avoided -
depending on the panel size.


SAR-1300-Uni with manual loading and unloading, equipped with milling bit or/and sawing disc head

The stand-alone depanelling system SAR-1300 milling bit with single or double shuttle system is characterized by its ability to be retrofitted (2nd shuttle, 2nd milling head). All movements are executed by linear motors. This machine is designed for manufacturers with small to large batch sizes and medium to high product variance. The system can cut with either milling bit or disc.

Special features of the Depanelling System SAR-1300-Uni-B/D:

  • Available with a single milling head (milling bit or milling disc module) or two heads (milling bit and disc)
  • Depending required capacity: Configurable with single or twin shuttle system, the second shuttle is always retrofittable.
  • Shortest cycle times thanks to highspeed-linear motor actuators and reduced dead times.
  • Maximum availability through use of high-quality components and easy system setup.
  • Ergonomic operator, even at high level assemblies.



The SAR-1400-L with manual loading and unloading, equipped with a laser cutting device

With the growing trend towards miniaturization and the use of highly sensitive components, there is increasing demand for completely dust-free and stress-free cutting of PCBs from the multi panel.

The stand-alone depanelling system SAR-1400-L provides an ideal solution.


Special features of laser depanelling:

Laser depanelling has significant advantages over conventional cutting processes:

  • Contactless cutting process means stress-free cutting
  • Dust-free environment
  • Clean, smooth edges as no glass fiber residue is formed
  • Very high contour accuracy
  • Shorter tooling times mean high availability
  • Lower equipment costs (low number of wearing parts)
  • Scope for modifying multi panel layout, so less material waste


The GAS laser cutting process - good all round

In addition to the familiar benefits of the laser cutting process, the GAS technology of the SAR-1400-L also offers the following advantages:
  • Low equipment costs due to simple design of individual worktable
  • High productivity thanks to:
    : Low cycle times achieved by fast, precise linear motor axes
    : Multi panel change cycle of < 2 s
    : Double loading area
  • Optimum extraction technology
  • Generous working space



ILR-1500 and ILR-2000 for high volume production

The fully automatic inline depanelling system ILR-2000 offers short cycle times, high positioning accuracy and a palletizing option.

It has been specially designed for manufacturers with large batch sizes and low product variance.

Special features of the ILR- 1500 and the ILR-2000 are:

  • Minimal loading times due to a fast entry system for the panels
  • Very Short cycle time  thanks to the fast and dynamic linear motor actuators
  • Short pick&place times for the milled PCB's
  • High flexibility and minimal  setting up time due to the changeable pneumatic grippers
  • Fullautomatic palettizing system optionally


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